Using Categories rather than Pages

Since I put this Blog up three years ago, I’ve learned that using CATEGORIES, rather than Pages is a much easier way to keep track of information flows.

So when you make a post, you simply tick the pertinent box. The advantage is that it makes most of the Pages redundant, so I will delete them. Pages should be used as a one page Shop front for each group.

I set up some CATEGORIES to see what they look like. See the bottom of the right-hand column.


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Hello everyone,

My name is Mark Norman and I am a member of Bow History Group.  If you have been attending meetings this year you may have seen me as I gave the first talk of this season on the subject of Black Dog Folklore in Devon.

It has been apparent that the Web presence for the group has been unfortunately quiet for a little while, so I am hoping that I will be able to rectify this situation for the future, as I have volunteered to act as a conduit to try and keep these pages up to date.

To do this I need the help of you – the members of the Bow History Group and all you other lovely people visiting to look for information, or have a read about the goings-on of the group.  Please help me to make this site vibrant, interesting and informative by sending me articles for publication, adding comments to the site, and generally being interactive!

This community has the potential to develop to provide information and advice about our local history with your articles, reminiscences and other information.  If you want to contribute there are two ways that you can easily do this.

1. You can add comments to the blogs on the site.

2. You can submit pieces to me for publication.

I would like to be able to develop an archive of articles etc on here for general interest. The group is doing a lot of sterling work on archiving at the moment, and in the future all this should come to fruition. In the meantime, if you would like to submit anything to me for publication, please contact me by email at:

mark @ viewfindervideo. co. uk

(Note: please do not include the spaces which I have written into this email address – they are there purely to stop automatic systems on the internet emailing me offers of bizarre pharmaceutical products and chances to receive 80 million pounds from foreign solicitors!)

I hope you will all enjoy become involved with the new revitalised Bow History web presence!

Best wishes,

Mark Norman

Bow History Group

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What you need to know before you start

This Blog is a place where all the different groups which make up the community of Bow and its surrounding countryside can meet, gather and organise for free. Anybody can participate, and anybody can have their say. [Note: Submissions containing abuse and bad language will be deleted.]

To use, the Bow Community Blog effectively, it is necessary to understand the difference between Posts and Pages.

A Post is like a diary entry which is organised so that the latest entry appears at the top of the screen. Posts can be categorised making them easy to find . A Post should be used for a news item or announcement. It can come from any Bow community group member or individual who is a registered WordPress user. (Register here for free.) Everybody can also make their own comments on anybody elses posts.

Pages (see right hand column) belong to specific community groups who will be responsible for their content. Each group needs an editor or some co-editors to decide on and manage the group’s pages. Anybody can make comments on these pages, but will not be able to change existing pages or create their own.

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